Pipe Rider

Promoting science with a new mobile game

Promote the energy industry as an attractive career sector in an entertaining way – and make more people interested in choosing science as their educational path. How can you inspire young people to choose a science pathway when it comes to education?

A/S Norske Shell wanted us to provide an action-packed way of communicating the possibilities of exciting careers within the petrol sector. In fact, Science could be a lot of fun!In close collaboration with Shell, we chose a two-way approach. We launched a responsive web portal called ormenlangeworld.com. The portal contains lots of information about all the career possibilities within the oil and gas sector. It also contains educational films and resources for teachers – and it promotes the mobile game called Pipe Rider.


Pipe Rider is a fast-paced wipeout-style game that is simple, fun and a pure joy to play. As a player, you drive through the gas pipes all the way from the Ormen Lange gas field to Easington in England. In a subtle way, the player is fed with small, continous drops of information on how the gas is being refined and transported whenever a new level is completed.

“Making a game is one of the very best ways to educate people. Our experienced gaming team will happily cooperate with your brand to make enchanting stories around the product or service you want to promote. A good story combined with good gameplay could make all the difference in a new digital age when it comes to letting your voice be heard.”

– Peter Måseide, Head Of Games

The Pipe Rider game is developed as an app, and it is freely available both on App Store and Google Play.

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