ONE Game: Try the winner of Norwegian Gameplay Championship 2018

We created a small puzzle game for the 2018 Norwegian Championship in Gameplay – and it won the top spot! It is, in short, a puzzle game about symmetry, love, and life.

It is by no means a full game, not even an alpha, but it is playable (and did we mention that it won?), so we thought we would share it with the world.

We’re not yet sure what will happen with it, and how we might develop this into a shippable game.

We have some ideas though:

  • Create lots of fun levels and challenges.
  • Work on mixing storytelling to make a game that delivers a story arc within the puzzle game mechanics.
  • Clean up and polish.
  • Release on Steam, or make it work on mobile phones and release it as an ad supported or premium mobile game.

What would you like to see us do with this idea? Share your insights with us: or @havchr on twitter

All we ask that you do in order to test the prototype, is to sign up to our mailing list for the game and we’ll let you have it.

You have our word that we will only post important news related to ONE and we will never use this list to cross-promote other things, nor spam, we simply want to have a channel to reach interested users if the prototype turns into a full-fledged game. And no hard feelings if you unsubscribe straight away. And if you really really hate mailing lists, hit up @havchr on twitter for a direct link.

Try the game

Oh, and if you have a connection to a publisher and find the game interesting, get in touch with us. We have extensive experience in developing games and would love to chat about opportunities.