Agens & Snowman present Skate City

Finally we can announce that we’re teaming up with the creators of Alto’s Adventure to bring you our next game: Skate City.


Back in 2014, Agens developer Daniel Zeller channelled his longtime passion for skating into a game called Skate Lines. The goal was to capture the artistry and fluid movement of skating in a way that was uniquely suited for mobile play.

Despite it being little more than a tech demo at the time, the game has been downloaded over half a million times in the past two years. To our surprise, it also gained somewhat of a cult following along the way! Fan mail started pouring in, more often than not asking the question: «when will Skate Lines 2 be released?»

We couldn’t answer that question right away. One thing was certain: we knew we had ambitious goals, and to reach them, we would need a partner. As luck would have it, we connected with Alto’s Adventure developer Snowman this past April, and showed them an early demo of our Skate Lines followup, Skate City.

After diving in to play, it quickly became clear that they shared our passion for skateboarding, and for building artful experiences. In the months that followed, we discussed how we could make a truly mobile experience that embodied what we both loved most about skateboarding.

Today, we couldn’t be more stoked to finally share a glimpse of what we’re crafting together with Snowman. Take a look at the first teaser trailer for Skate City.



Hope you love it as much as we do – it was made by the very talented Joe Pease, frequent collaborator with one of our favourite skate magazines, TransWorld.
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We’ll also be regularly sharing clips from the game on Instagram throughout development! Definitely follow along for an inside look at the world of Skate City.